Intern Intro – Jesse B

HeadshotGreetings everyone! I’m Jesse B, I’m 23, and I am a Lutz native majoring in public relations at the University of South Florida. After months of passing Lab3 Marketing on my drive to and from USF, my curiosity led to a phone call. The very next week I was called in for an interview, and just like that, I’m here. As soon as I walked into the Lab, I immediately felt welcome. Everyone here is fun, personable, and down to earth. After meeting Jennifer, I think I am going to start training now for a Disney 5k! Lisa and Loran are friendly and extremely helpful. A quick and thorough 15-minute introduction led to my first three assignments this morning – I am diving head first into real work my first day in the Lab. This hands-on approach is exactly what I was hoping for in a marketing internship.

I was given two assignments for companies I have never heard of before today. How exciting is that?! Amidst the research, I was able to successfully “find the voice” of a client and exercise effective content curation. Realizing how different social media platforms and review services directly effect business is something I was aware of before, but now I can better grasp.

I haven’t had to get anyone coffee, and I feel I have already learned so much. And it’s only my first day!

Written by L3MAdmin