A Day in the Life in the Lab | Part 2 – Stevie S.

stevieChecking in again from the Lab with some great (but somewhat unsurprising) news: I’m still having a wonderful experience as an intern.

The other day, David asked me about what I hoped to get out of my internship, what I still wanted to learn, or if there was anything I wanted to do that I hadn’t done to date. It caught me a little off guard because I had been doing so much that I hadn’t thought about what else I wanted to do. There is a sense of freedom here that even the interns are rewarded.

I explained my desired internship takeaways and mentioned my interests, but David’s questions made me realize how much I had already gained from my experience in the Lab. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in a professional agency and feeling like a true team member. Over time I’ve been able to develop and improve my skills and tactics. I’ve had the freedom to create formats and presentations of my work, with one even adopted for the Lab’s future use (yay!).

Through the encouragement, recognition, responsibility, and trust I receive from everyone at the Lab, my confidence and knowledge continue to grow.

My conversation with David gave me the confidence and comfort to let him know what I would like to learn. I am grateful to work with a great mentor in an open and positive environment — and to think, I still have another month as an intern to learn and laugh with this amazing team!

Written by L3MAdmin