Intern Intro: Preston G.


Hello! My name is Preston Guillot, the newest intern at Lab3 Marketing!

I’m a senior in the Zimmerman Advertising Program at the University of South Florida.

My Lab3 story began as a normal internship search. I came across this same website that you’re visiting now and was quite impressed with what I saw.

After reaching out to the Lab, Lisa brought me in for an interview. She showed me around the workplace and introduced me to the scientists that make the formulas work. I quickly knew this was the place for me to intern.

Suffice to say, when I was offered the position, I took it in a heartbeat.

After completing my first week as an intern at the lab, my initial thoughts have been confirmed – and then some. Everyone has been extremely helpful in making my transition from the classroom to an office environment as smooth as possible.

After Gus, the office dog, sat in my lap during my initial meeting with Lisa, I knew that I had been accepted into the Lab3 family. I honestly feel like I’m already a part of this team of marketing scientists working relentlessly to create successful formulas for their clients.

In my first week, I’ve already sat in on a traffic meeting (a weekly discussion of all clients and projects), and have been assigned some tasks for various accounts. I truly feel I’m learning all the time and love the fact that I’m already being given the opportunity to contribute to the team.

There has been no coffee fetching or paper filing that I tend to hear from student interns at other companies. It even sounds like I may be too quiet for these guys – but I’m sure that will change as my internship continues!

Until next time,
Preston the Intern.

Written by L3MAdmin