How to Use Zip Codes to Prospect Clients

Z is for Zip CodesDid you know that marketing by zip codes can tell a lot about the people that live there, including how much money they make, their household family size and net worth? Revealing this information about your company’s potential consumers offers the ability to create a more efficient marketing plan for your business.

Zip codes allow marketers to gain insight on target markets and pair them with specific properties. They can pinpoint your demographic using factors like education, age and buying behavior. Once marketing teams use zip codes to identify these trends in a specific area, they can use the information to develop their reach to a particular audience. This tool is extremely useful if you are looking to expand your business in the future.

Geo-targeting can also assist you when deciding where your company should and should not be marketing. This tool helps marketers indicate what will be received well in these locations. For example, a zip code around a university can reveal lower income and a younger demographic, whereas a zip code around a suburban population can reveal higher income and a family demographic. These two communities respond differently and may need separate marketing strategies.

Through the use of data and geo-targeting, marketers can pinpoint their target audiences all over the country. If your company is growing and moving to another city, or even another state, geo-targeting by zip codes makes it possible to find detailed information about the community you are entering. This consumer knowledge will give your company a competitive edge in your new market.

Breaking down your target audience by zip code will help you identify your customers. Once you know whom you are talking to, you can create appropriate and relevant content to successfully reach your clientele.

Written by Lisa Demmi