The advantages of creating a blog to compliment your website are enough to fill an entire blog post, but for brevity’s sake, consider that blogging can:

Modern Enterprise

  • Create SEO-friendly gateways to increase traffic to your website
  • Provide your target audience with useful, engaging content they will appreciate, which will in turn lead to new clients and/or boost conversion on your site
  • Help you brand your business while creating repeat visitors to your website
  • Increase your website’s search engine ranking by creating consistent and relevant content
  • Allow you to personally engage your visitors by encouraging discussion in the comments section

But who has time to create quality, engaging content on a consistent basis? Glad you asked; the Lab3 Marketing team does. Consider using our blog services and let our content engineers do the heavy lifting for you. At Lab3 Marketing, we know the geography of a quality post and will craft your ideas into a blog your business can be proud of.

Observation – Blogs on company sites result in 55% more visitors