Observation – Google+ now has over 400 million users.
Say it with us: We must embrace Google+; we must embrace Google+..we must embrace Google+..feel better? We didn’t think so. Google+ is a social network created by…you guessed it… Google AND if you want to search high on Google then you better play nice with their toys. While Facebook still rules the social network universe, we at Lab3 Marketing highly recommend having a presence on Google+ as well. An important difference between Google+ and Facebook is that Facebook is based around connecting people who already know each other, friends, while Google+ puts an emphasis on connecting people with like-minded interests, circles, which is a fantastic way to enhance your business prospecting online.


Dennis Realty



We have our own Google+ scientists at Lab3 Marketing and they know what it can do for your business. Jump on the Google+ bandwagon now. You’ll be playing catchup later if you don’t.