Be Relevant. Be Found.

Pocket Producers System

Your business is your lifeline, and the blood supporting that lifeline is traffic. Search engine traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ultra-competitive, unpredictable, and anything but a perfect science, but at Lab3Marketing, we have devised a formula:

Substance + Relevance + Shares/x = Rank.

The unknown variable ‘x’ is you. At Lab3 Marketing, SEO is not a product, it is a service. A powerful combustion engine of creativity, research, and analytics which must be custom tailored to fit the needs of your business. We do not sell off the shelf packages that do not get results, and we do not engage in unethical, black-hat techniques. Rather, our chemists work individually with each client to learn about their business needs, their industry, and relevant search engine demographics before employing a search engine optimization strategy. Valuable, individualized service that delivers search engine results.

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