Q is for Quality Data

Today we have a plethora of information available to us as marketers and it is important to not only have access to that kind of quality data but to ensure that your data is complete, accurate, and most of all…CLEAN!  Dirty data or inaccurate data can be a major waste of your marketing resources and cause you to miss out…

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O is for Online Promotions

Online promotions are a great resource when trying to reach a large audience in an affordable manner. With the increase of digital presence, online promotions offer endless possibilities to reach your promotional audience. From contests to discounts, there are a multitude of ways to entice not only your current customers to continue buying, but also new customers who have yet…

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International Marketing Tips

To kick off 2014, our Chief Creative Scientist, Loran, traveled to South America to hone her marketing skills in the Southern Hemisphere. As a member of the MS Marketing program at the University of Tampa, Loran visited Argentina and Chile for their International Marketing course. Here are some international marketing nuggets of wisdom from our jet-setter! 1. Hashtags come in all languages 2.…

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M is for Metrics

One of the most commonly asked questions marketers hear from their clients is, “How do I know my social media plan is working?” Our answer, “Metrics!” Social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, each have a defined set of metrics to show you just how well your page, posts, and feedback are performing. Facebook has three main metrics that…

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Overnight Success and Social Media Are Not Friends

Everyone wants to do Social Media and I think that’s a good idea for the most part. The tricky thing is to have realistic expectations about doing it, how to do it and what to expect and in what time frame. Now I’m an instant gratification girl so this is something I can really relate to. A few things to…

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How to Make Your Facebook Newsfeed Work for You

Every time we blink, Facebook announces that they’ve changed their algorithm and adjusted what posts you’ll see in your newsfeed. For marketers, this is just one more hurdle to jump over — and honestly, we love the challenge. But for the average Facebook user, this means that the posts you’re used to seeing in your newsfeed might be changing… and…

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Free Social Media Calendar!

Start your 2014 off right with a free social media calendar from the Lab3 Marketing Scientists! Our simple monthly plan has all the basics you need to start your year with a successful marketing strategy. Need help filling it out? We've got you covered. Step 1 Download the calendar and print it out. We've provided the calendar in PDF format…

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K is for Knowing Your Target Customer

Do you know who buys your products/services? Are you effectively reaching your target customers? If not, you should be. Defining your target customers is a necessity for any business and not knowing can be costly. Since your target customers are the ones most likely to buy your product/service, it’s important to understand not only them as a customer but also…

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