A Day in the Life in the Lab – Preston G.

PrestonHello folks! It’s Preston the Intern reporting from the Lab again, and my time here has been flying by the last few weeks.

My workload has certainly increased since my blog post in week one. I am grateful for all of the hands on learning I receive as an intern at Lab3 Marketing.

Everyone has been patient and helpful with me to ensure that I am taking my time and not rushing my work. However, sometimes I can’t control myself. I just want to speed up and help out as much as I can.

I have become much more familiar with some of the clients here as I search for content and help with newsletters. Google and social media sites have been good friends to me as I do research for my work!

As I type this post, I notice there has been a picture of Venice in front of my face since I started interning here. I’m wondering if Lisa put it here on purpose since we talked about our trips to Europe when we first met. Either way, I am not complaining about the view!

Alright, back to the post now…

So as I was saying, my share of what I do around the lab has gradually grown each week. I’ve been searching the web for articles, finding images for newsletters, brainstorming topics, finding the right quotes, and providing the occasional one-liner in the office.

As an intern, I am here to learn, so I am thrilled that the team trusts me with some of the tasks they give me. I always know each piece of work I do will get critiqued and I will be taught how to better myself for next time.

Additionally, I have been working on a hand shadow puppet to bust out at a traffic meeting. I know what you’re thinking, “What do you mean you’re working on it”?

Well it might sound easy to you, but I don’t want to go with a typical dog or butterfly at the Lab. We don’t settle for average here.

Until next time,
Preston the Intern

Written by David Boutin

David is a social media account manager and blogger for Lab3 Marketing and a HubSpot Certified Inbound Marketer.