Digital Detox

Lisa CNNI’m one of those people who can’t go five minutes without looking at their phone, tablet, what have you. Recently, I went on a planned marketing cruise and didn’t realize that for four days, I would be without connection UNLESS I wanted to pay $4 zillion dollars an hour to do so. Well, I resigned myself to that fact and reluctantly turned off my phone. For the first few hours or so, I kept looking at the screen to see what new thing was happening on Facebook or what Instagram picture got posted by whom or even what emails I had received. Nothin.’ Finally, I shut my phone down and threw it in a drawer in my room. Meh…

After a few days of only turning it on to take pictures, I realized I didn’t really miss it all that much until the ship returned to port and (cue the ominous sounding music) I could get back online!

It was like Christmas morning! I was excited, exhilarated even! Online once again! I checked Facebook, my emails, phone calls, texts, who took what Instagram pictures. How exciting!

And then the lunch box let down…I could be found, there was no silence and welcome back to the real world.

What did I learn?

I learned I could be off of digital gadgets but it would have to be something big (like a phone bill requiring a small business loan to pay it) to keep me off. I also found I didn’t mind it after the initial shock of seeing nothing on my screen for a period longer than 10 minutes.

Sooo…I guess I’ll just have to keep taking cruises or traveling to far away lands without wi-fi. I think that can be arranged!

Article as seen on CNN.

Written by Lisa Demmi