Facebook: Small Business Tips

A successful Facebook Business Page does not happen overnight. It takes time, planning and a group effort.  Here are some tips that can help small businesses launch a successful page.

1)     Create a plan that you and your staff can maintain during working hours. Having a business page is not a one-man job it takes everyone’s involvement to make it successful.

2)     Invite people to your page.  It never hurts to simply ask. A great way to do this would be to send out emails with direct links to your site.

3)     Schedule a post. This will insure that you don’t get to busy to post at your desired time later in the day.

4)     Use Facebook insights. This is a free service that Facebook provides. It allows you to look at your pages activity. You can see how many clients you reached, likes you received, and page engagement. This is a great tool for small businesses to see what works and what doesn’t.

Written by Lisa Demmi