Holiday Marketing Strategy

It’s that time of year again! With the holiday’s approaching fast consumers are looking for businesses to help them get the best deals.  Here are some tips and ideas for holiday marketing!

1)     Optimize your content for the holidays by adding holiday images and messaging.

2)     Harness the power of social media! Social media is your best friend during the holiday season. Many consumers are looking online for deals and contests to help them with their shopping. One idea is a Pinterest contest this year. By letting consumers pin an image or item you have they could win a holiday prize.  This will help to drive traffic to your storefront or website as well.

3)     Don’t forget the power of In-Person. People love open houses during the holidays. Usually open houses come with discounts, prizes, and food. Some easy ways to promote your open house is by using social networking sites, your website and your newsletter to market your event.

Written by Lisa Demmi