How to Make a Sale During the Holiday

1. Instant Sales
Get customers with the special sales like limited time offer for this day or other short-term events. Customers like to see flash sale notifications, it gets them excited and talking about it. It might even make some people spread the flash sale on social media bringing in more potential customers.

2. Rewards Programs
Reward your best and most frequent customers by offering a special event with special merchandise or by giving away a free item that is only valid for customers who are members or have reward points.

3. Merchants
A lot of merchants will work with you to ship closer to the special holiday time. Make arrangements with your merchants to increase the flexibility of their shipping dates. Talk to your suppliers, they might even have exclusive merchandise you can add to your stock as a limited time only, special for the holidays.

4. Surprise Customers
You can decorate your store, give small gifts or send special holiday greetings to your customers making them feel appreciated for their business. Have your employees wear a special uniform during the holidays, you’d be surprised how changing a few things around will induce customers to spend more time in your store. Everyone likes the feeling of appreciation, especially during the holiday season.

Written by Lisa Demmi