How to Make Cold Calling Success

1. Make a Plan
On a piece of paper write down who you will be calling and the times you will you be placing the calls.

2. Do your Homework
Investigate a little or if possible as much as you can about the person you’re calling, this will make a big difference. Try different methods to get the information but make sure to know about the person or company you are calling. This can help you come across more confident and strong-minded. The person you are calling will be impressed that you know what you are talking about.

3. Use a Personal Approach
Through some online research or during the phone call try to find a personal connection with your prospects. You might find that you went to the same school or even have a past connection. This will create more interest from your prospect and can change the phone dynamic in a positive way.

4. The More Information The Better
Learn about your prospect needs first through a questioning process so you can effectively make your offer and possibly land a sale. It’s okay to ask questions. People like to talk about themselves.

5. Update Records
You want to keep updated records and track who you called and when you called them. This will help measure your progress with the prospects plus keep the records more organized. You will also be able to see any information change, like last names, addresses, or phone numbers.

Written by Lisa Demmi