PR: Get Your Press Releases Noticed

Press-Release-Stack-Adelante-Live-BlogWhen your company has a big announcement or event, you expect coverage on TV, in newspapers and online. The challenge: the media ignores a majority of press releases they receive on a daily basis. So let’s face it, simply knowing how to write a press release isn’t enough.

Make Press Releases Newsworthy

One of the first press release tips is easy enough; make it newsworthy. Can a journalist tell a story about your event? Their audience likely wants to know “what’s in it for me?” Also, think about how the journalist will show the story. If you have a great visual, live action, it makes for better storytelling. The fact is, what a company thinks is worth major media coverage, the media probably does not. That doesn’t mean you should throw up your hands and give it, instead connect with media contacts that specifically focus on your industry. For example, if your company is hosting a charity event, instead of emailing the press release to the entire newsroom, contact the food writers or around town columnist. Your event is more likely to be considered for coverage, and the rest of the newsroom will appreciate the fact you aren’t filling their email accounts with information that is essentially useless to them.

Make Reporters’ Jobs Easier

In the age of multimedia reporting, journalists have a lot of work on their plates, don’t we all? But the reality is if you make it easier for reporters to cover your story, it’s more difficult for them to say no. Be sure to give them all the information they need, rather than making them search for it. Press releases should include hyperlinks to company websites and other sources. It’s important to also include a photo in case the writer can’t cover your event but wants to write something up to preview it instead. Also, it’s all about timing. Avoid sending a press release during a major news event including a presidential visit, hurricanes or in the middle of breaking news.

Spell it Right

Correct grammar and spelling seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of mistakes that are included in press releases all the time. Sometimes, writers misspell the name of the company or brand. If you can’t spell that right, how does a journalist know anything you’ve written is correct? With every grammatical error or misspelling, you lose credibility. And that includes the name of the reporter. If you can’t spell his or her name— can you spell delete?

Include Bloggers Too

Not every event or announcement will appeal to traditional media outlets. But thanks to the power of social media, you still have the potential to reach thousands, if not millions more people at one time. Don’t forget to distribute your press releases to bloggers who focus on your industry. Bloggers have loyal and engaged readers who are also connected on other social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Article as it appears on Adelante Live.

Written by Lisa Demmi