Social Media and Customer Service

Social Media and Customer Service

AND how the two lived happily ever after!

While most people think of Facebook as a tool to get more exposure for their business or company, I think few really understand the impact Facebook/social media can and does have on the customer service experience.

How can Facebook have any bearing on customer service? Well, often it’s easier to send a message via Facebook than look up your website, find the contact information or fill out a form and wait/hope until someone contacts you. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Here are three recent examples of customer service made MUCH more effective and responsive:

  1. We manage the Facebook account of a major hotel in Tampa. On many occasions they have been contacted through a direct message on Facebook asking about food allergies, travel points being awarded and whether or not the hotel had any restrictions for checking in. We were able to respond rapidly, certainly quicker than if they had filled out a form or gotten to the proper extension of someone at the hotel to answer their questions. Happy guests often return!
  2. We also manage the social media for a custom pool company in the Trinity area. Many times prospective clients have direct messaged asking for availability, pricing and contact information. We were able to route them properly and answer their questions in real time.
  3. A large HVAC company whose social media we manage experienced a phone outage on a weekend. A client’s quickest way of reaching the company was through social media. We saw the message and contacted the owners and put them together with the client who incidentally needed emergency maintenance on their AC. Result= fixed AC and HAPPY client!

So, I hope you can see how proper management of your social media can have a very positive impact on your business by giving clients a way to reach you easily and quickly!

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Written by Lisa Demmi

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