How to use Facebook for Business

Dozens of small businesses share below How to use Facebook for Business!

I normally use this 4 letter word, but Small Businesses must have a presence on Facebook. Over 1 billion users and well over 500 million daily spend countless hours each month on this Social Media Guerrilla!

You’ll read amazing tips and tricks from great small business owners on how they use Facebook as part of their marketing strategies. Kate Erickson shares how Entrepreneur on Fire got over 2000 people to attend an event using Facebook Ads. Maybe ads aren’t for you, well see how Jeff Dahl of LoopRope used Facebook to get his new product being distributed by 2 huge retailers.

Learn from Kelly Hadous, CEO of Win the Room, more effective ways to post than saying: “Buy This” and how 99designs promotes their customers on Facebook which drives more engagement. How about those that are upset with the new algorithm changes at Facebook? Well Lisa L. Demmi of Lab3 Marketing has got one nice trick to beat that! You’ll also read about several owners who’ve had great success running contests on Facebook. I’ve recently used Heyo (the easiest way to launch high converting campaigns on Facebook for free) and I’m loving this tool.

Before jumping into all these great Facebook for business tips, I wanted to share this amazing video from Social Media Coach Grandma Mary (aka Andrea Vahl) about the recent Facebook algorithm changes mentioned above. Andrea joined our DIY Mastermind call headed up by Kim Garst and Terry Williamson this month and shared amazing suggestions. The first tip in this video on utilizing email marketing to help grow your small business in conjunction with Facebook is key!

Lisa L. Demmi | Chief Communication Scientist | Lab3 Marketing 

Lisa DemmiFacebook’s algorithm has changed quite a bit and people who would normally see your posts will most likely not see them as often  now.

In order to narrow your geographical area for increased exposure you can actually add the location of the area you’d like your posts to be seen in. That will give you more of an opportunity for the post to be seen in that city, state, what have you.

For example: you post about an event or information, always add a location and your post will be more targeted. In other words, instead of sending the post out to the United States for posting, you are really narrowing the area and only including the city or town so that you get maximum opportunity for engagement with those who are more likely to engage.

Written by Lisa Demmi