Ways to Get the Most Out of Good Content

1. Keep the content Updated
Even the best content can have a short life with an expiration date depending on the type of company and the content itself. While it’s vital to invest in quality content at all times, don’t forget about updates and fresh content.

2. Promote
No one is going to read your great content if they don’t know about it or of its existence. Promote new blogs or articles on every social media page, share it with other bloggers, post videos on YouTube, and just get it out there.  The more you post it on different medias the more it has the possibility to be shared by others.

3. Right Anchor Text
Anchor text is one of the most important parts of SEO. It’s the text that describes what a link is and can make someone click on an article or not click. Anchor text should never be duplicated and should include SEO key phrases as well as marketing tactics.

4. Use the Most out of it
Use the best content and get the most out of it. Best of lists, white papers, or even mini-books that are sold on Amazon can all grasp extra money out of existing high-quality content. For business owners and managers looking to improve the company this is a must for your content. Great content is good, but it always needs something else to go along with because it can’t succeed alone.

Written by Lisa Demmi