A Day in the Life in the Lab – Christopher S.

Christopher Section: Intern at Lab3 MarketingHello again, this is Christopher reporting back in.  I have officially been at Lab3 Marketing a month now and it has been great.  The learning opportunities and chances to be creative have been amazing.

I have really been lucky to work with a great group of people here and will cherish this chance every time I step through that door.  Many of the people here are quirky, laidback, and crazy, but are really good people.  And everyone seems to be passionate about what he or she does and are willing to help.

Rochelle has been a great mentor to me in showing me the ropes and has always been there to support me whenever I needed it.  My schoolwork has been a drag but the different things I’ve learned here have offered me new insight into how marketing really works, things I have not learned in any previous courses.

The new things I’ve learned have not only helped me along in my school assignments, but will assist me for when I move on to the next episode of life.  I have even more extensive knowledge of how social media helps businesses, creating content that could create traffic for webpages, and many other things I have not done before.

My experience at Lab3 Marketing has been better than I could have ever hope for and will remember this forever.  Hopefully when I leave here I can become a great businessperson and leader like Ms. Demmi and have the opportunity to give someone the same chance she has given me.

For my last month here, I’m excited to build upon the knowledge I already acquired.

Written by L3MAdmin