A Day in the Life in the Lab – Stevie S.

stevieIt’s the end of my third week in the Lab, but it feels like I’ve been part of the team for much longer. Even in my short time here, I’ve picked up a few things about the Lab and the marketing industry itself.

An excitement to learn is key. I’m gaining crazy amounts of knowledge about the workings of a marketing agency, marketing tools, social media platforms, content curation, and so much more. But I’ve also learned about the HVAC industry, insurance companies, a local attorney, diamonds, GPS systems, and some trucking lingo along the way. Through the research I’ve done for clients of these industries, I’ve had to immerse myself in them to find the right sources and information. It’s this endless learning that makes each day a new adventure.

Before I even started Lisa warned me that, while important, a lot of my tasks might be tedious, and not always “sexy” or exciting. I laughed at her candidness, but I do understand what she means. Researching can take hours, creating Facebook posts can become repetitious, and staring at the computer for hours can be surprisingly tiring.

But putting together a final piece of useful content is important for the Lab’s execution now—and in the future. Every piece of the puzzle matters, whether it’s the big idea brainstorm or the little Facebook post. And I won’t lie about the size of my smile when I checked Facebook and saw David had already posted some of my content on a client’s page.

A fun and creative environment is a given, and the team at Lab3 is no exception. They’ve been trying to do shadow puppets during traffic meetings for weeks. I’m waiting for the day there aren’t enough distractions to avoid presenting my lack of skills in front of the team…although, I did impress Lisa with my music knowledge, which I’m hoping gained me some solid brownie points!

Written by L3MAdmin