Facebook Advertising: Embracing the Suck That is the 20% Rule

Facebook Advertising: Embracing the Suck That is the 20% Rule

Raise your hand if you’re using Facebook ads and/or boosted posts. Hand up? Good, now keep reading. Didn’t raise your hand? Why not?! You should have, and the following is one big thing you need to know for when you do get started advertising on Facebook.

Facebook has a 20% rule regarding advertising on their platform.  Why? Nobody really knows the reasons behind Facebook’s ever-changing rules, BUT we suspect that this one is for user experience. No one really wants to see a bunch of text heavy ads show up in their newsfeeds or sidebars.

Here’s the good news- if you’re showing your product in the picture and it has text on it, it will not likely count as part of the 20% text…usually.

Here’s the bad news- if you use your logo in the ad/ boost AND it is partially or completely text, it does count as part of your 20%…sometimes.

For your convenience, Facebook has a Grid Tool that you can use to check your ad prior to submitting it for approval. It works well…mostly.

So how do you use the 20% Facebook rule to your advantage? Great question; glad you asked. Be creative and craft an amazing image that will draw the viewer in and have them stick around to read the text that you CAN include.

Sometimes, less is more…and in this case less text is more.

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Written by Lisa Demmi

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