Why WordPress is Perfect for Your Business

Why WordPress is Perfect for Your Business

Businesses are required to take on multiple platforms these days, and perhaps the most important source of your audience reach is your company’s website. However, this is easier said than done. The website platform can be tricky and complicated.

WordPress helps relieve some of the “creating a website” tension by introducing user-friendly software with easy-to-use tools. WordPress tools may seem a bit challenging at first; however, the benefit of WordPress, unlike other platforms, is that you are still able to lay out the foundation of your business’s online presence while still figuring out the technicalities of the software. With an easy to follow set up, you are not required to be an expert to create and publish your company’s vision. There will be the opportunity to continually update details later on, improving the visual of your site as you learn the tricks of the software.

WordPress is also very cost efficient, charging $17 for one year to hold a .com.org or .net in your site’s URL. Without the purchase, WordPress offers to hold your domain, and your website reads wordpress.com at the end of the URL. However, we recommend that you purchase the URL because using an independent website lends credibility to your company.

In the Lab, we build 90% of our websites on the WordPress platform. We trust its reliability with most mobile devices (tablets, laptops, etc.). We also know that WordPress is highly compatible with Google and mobile because it does not use Flash. Neither Google nor mobile can distinguish websites using Flash, meaning your content can be lost and never reach your key public. Search engines, like Google, cannot read the content in Flash, and most web browsers on mobile devices do not have Flash support. This is detrimental to your company’s time and resources. WordPress’s simplistic format offers your website’s content universal comprehension and greater reach.

Another attribute to your website’s success on WordPress is the added benefit of Google Analytics by Yoast. Google Analytics plugin for WordPress measures your audience demographic, how many people visited your page, and tracks outbound clicks and downloads. Adding Google Analytics to your WordPress page is as user-friendly as creating the website, and it can improve your company’s visibility.

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Written by Lisa Demmi

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