A Final Day in the Life in the Lab – Christopher S.

Christopher Section: Intern at Lab3 MarketingChecking in again and for the last time. This will be my last “Day in the Life in a Lab” post for Lab3 Marketing and I will truly miss everyone. Everyone has made my two-and-half-month experience really enjoyable and amazing.

I have continued to learn more and to write differently then I have for my academic assignments. I have tried to break out of some of my habits I’ve learned in school that don’t really apply to all types of writing. I’ve started learning how to write for different audiences and trying to use a different voice when speaking to them.

Working at Lab3 has given me more confidence about what I’m capable of, with this being my first marketing job and all. I have a much better understanding of how marketing could add value to various aspects of business.

I am grateful to have had the chance to work with everyone in this supportive and encouraging environment. No one here wants to see anyone fail and will try to help you with constructive criticism if needed.

I would like to think Lisa, Rochelle, David, Carlisle, Annette, and Stevie. I have learned something from each of you about things I don’t know or in addition to what I already know. My learning will not stop once I leave here and UT, learning is an ongoing process of life.

I am reporting out for the last time. I wish all of you luck and thank you again for everything!

Written by L3MAdmin