A Final Day in the Life in the Lab – Stevie S.

stevie lab3 intern in TampaCue the tears: it’s my last day as an intern at the Lab.

As I said in my previous check-ins, I have enjoyed this experience immensely. My tasks were varied, from research and analysis to image and content creation, from various small tasks to a larger project I was able to work on from start to (my) finish.

For my last post, I want to take the opportunity to highlight the wonderful team of people who have made my experience here one for the books.

Although I didn’t work directly with Annette, she complimented my outfit on my first day and brought her witty knowledge to traffic meetings, so I’m definitely sold on how great she is. Rochelle was gracious enough to share her workspace, knowledge, and laughter with me, and Christopher did the same.

With Carlisle I was able to learn about the creative elements of the agency – something I was (and still am) very excited about. I am truly grateful for her patience in answering my questions about the design programs and explaining her work, which gave me confidence and inspiration to continue my creative endeavors.

Out of everyone at the Lab, I was able to work directly with David the most. He took me seriously from day one, complimented my work when I needed it, valued my opinion, considered my interests, and asked me if I could stay here rather than go back to school. Which means maybe he’s enjoyed having me as an intern just as much as I’ve enjoyed having him as a mentor?! Eh, he’s alright I guess :).

Last, but by no means least, is Lisa. She gave me this opportunity to learn and grow with her team, giving me encouragement from day one until now. She is a leader I hope to one day emulate.

I am eternally grateful for the knowledge and confidence I have gained as an intern here. Thank you for making my temporary journey in the “real” world one that makes my future in the marketing and advertising industry feel that much more attainable.

Written by L3MAdmin

  • http://lab3marketing.com. David Boutin

    Stevie, you shall be sorely missed! You did an amazing job in your time here; we hope the experience was as good for you as it was for us. And, seriously, if you don’t want to go back to school….just saying ;). But seriously, good luck in all your future endeavors; we know you’ll do amazing things!